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GANDA owns a wide variety of GPS hardware for rapid deployment in meeting your project needs. Our field specialists are equipped with GPS units whenever a project dictates to ensure the most accurate maps and impact calculations possible. Our GIS specialists have hundreds of hours of field experience using GPS receivers for a wide variety of natural and cultural resources mapping projects.

Trimble GeoXT GPS Data Dictionary Trimble Juno

At the forefront of our GPS capabilities are the Trimble GeoXT and Juno GPS receivers for field data collection. These devices are capable of sub-meter precision mapping for sensitive archaeological sites, impacts to environmental resources, horizontal and vertical changes over time, and a variety of other project uses. We create customized, project-specific data dictionaries for user-friendly GPS capabilities, and use Pathfinder Office differential correction tools for post-processing of data, adhering to strict GPS accuracy standards for project requirements. Data from these can then be uploaded to a GIS workstation for statistical analysis and display of features mapped in the field.

Screen Shop GPS Points

For projects that do not require sub-meter mapping detail, we use the latest Garmin hand-held GPS units for horizontally-accurate data collection, and import to a GIS platform for further analysis and map creation.

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